Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring extra money?

Participants are strongly advised to bring extra money for their spendings. Dinners can be optionally eaten from any place, if participant do not want to eat with the group.

In which currency will the participation fees be given?
Participation fees will be given as EUR, while participants from Turkey can give their participation fees in TRY equivalent regarding to the exchange rate for the first day of the event.

I need an invitation letter to apply for the visa, etc. What should I do?
Invitation letters can be provided to participants on demand. The only thing that you need to do is to contact us.

When is the deadline for ACCESS’18?
Deadline for the applications is 15th of September, 23:59 (Turkey Time)

How many participants will be allowed per LC?

There are 3 participants allowed for each LC, except for extraordinary situtations. Please contact us to see if you can get allowance for more than 3 people.

What is the visa procedure in Turkey?
Visa procedure and required documents can be observed from the following website:

Where is the application form and detailed information?
Participation fees and detailed information are given, while applications also will be taken in the website. You can reach the ACCESS’18 page via the link given below:

For further questions, you can directly send a message to our Facebook page, or you can contact us with the e-mail address: Specific contact persons for each LC will be assigned on demand.